’30s Gretsch

This is a 1930s (according to the customer) Gretsch Guitar.

Gretsch guitar headstock

This guitar has been handed down through the family for three generations.  Over time the sides had separated from the top and distorted out of shape.  I used a couple of strategically placed quick clamps to gently manipulate the sides back into alignment with the top.  There was lots of “careful” involved in this process.  Don’t do this at home!

several clamps holding the edges of the guitar
Then I broke out my own custom made hide glue pot.  I’ve never seen another one that I liked better.  This one really holds a fine line on operating temperature, a critical consideration for traditional hide glue.

I applied glue to the seams and quickly (really, very quickly) clamped the joint with several quick clamps.

clamps on top

I then cleaned up the squeeze out and left her to dry.

Grandma’s Gretsch is ready to roll on through its next 80 years.
Fix your guitar. Change your life!


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